Manuscript > Asrār al-sulūk ilá malik al-mulūk

Detail Information

Title: Asrār al-sulūk ilá malik al-mulūk
Full Title: Asrār al-sulūk ilá malik al-mulūk
Author: Faqīh Jalāl al-Dīn
Place of Activity: Aceh
Language: Malay
Script: Jawi
Subject Matter: Sufism
Genre: Prose
Date of Autograph (century): 18
Found in : Fathurahman 2016: 15; Iskandar 1999, 384.

The Asrār al-sulÅ«k ilá malik al-mulÅ«k (The Secret of the Path to the King of Kings) is a Malay Sufi work on the creation of the universe, the essence of God, ittiḥād (the level of a Sufi at which he/she is one with God), and martabat lima (five grades). These grades include ‘ālam lāhÅ«t, ‘ālam jabarÅ«t, ‘ālam asmā’, ‘ālam malakÅ«t, and ‘ālam malak.

The text provides no details regarding the author. Teuku Iskandar, however, describes this text as a handbook of ShaṭṭārÄ«yah mysticism written by “a student of Daud bin Ismail, who was a student of Abdur-Rauf Singkel.” (Iskandar 1999, 384). This student probably refers to FaqÄ«h Jalāl al-DÄ«n, who is mentioned in MS 07_01126 of the Aceh Museum Collection as a student of Shaykh Bābā DāwÅ«d b. Ismā‘Ä«l Peunayong. Accordingly, we may conclude that the author of Asrār al-sulÅ«k is FaqÄ«h Jalāl al-DÄ«n