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Detail Information

Title: Kumpulan Wirid dan Azimat
Full Title: Kumpulan Wirid dan Azimat
Author: Anonymous
Language: Arabic & Malay
Script: Jawi
Subject Matter: Primbon and Mujarobat
Genre: Prose

This text represents an overview of knowledge, amino or public confidence in the object called Jimat. Zimat, or Azimat. The text contains about azimat of giving sustenance, marital relationship in order to have children, sweeteners face, possessed by demons, deter children from evil spirits, slaves to keep from crying, launched  way maternity, so that children are not surprised, avoidance of demons, azimat of crazy people, success in trade, fast to have a husband, antidote fever, stomachache and cure all sorts of diseases and antidote to crime on children and women.