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Detail Information

Title: Udayana-Carita
Full Title: Udayana-Carita
Author: Anonymous
Language: Javanese
Script: Javanese
Subject Matter: Local Custom
Genre: Poetry
Found in : Poerbatjaraka 1919: 461-489; Angelino 1922: 381-424; Sindoesastra 1936; Scroeder 1887; Stuart 1860

Thix text contains a history of the king of Java. Which tells about the king of Udayana completely. Begins of a part of ancestors then hereditary as king of Vatsa as ancestry of Pandawa. This text is anonymous and stored in Museum of Jakarta, written on Keropak, the number of this text is 40 sheets. Which mark of Lontar – Ms. B. G. No. 886. This text is poetry, java language, and lettered latin.