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Detail Information

Title: Lajang Raden Sulam
Full Title: Lajang Raden Sulam
Author: Anonymous
Language: Arabic & Javanese
Script: Pegon
Subject Matter: Traditional Hagiography
Genre: Poetry
Date of Autograph (century): 19

The research was conducted on the Raden Sulam manuscript that predictly created in 1788 (Javanese Calendar) or 186 AD in Pedawang, Demak. This text contains the adventure strories of Raden Sulam, the Prince of Bandaralim who want to learn about Islam. His adventures tinged with romance, war, and teaching a person to be a moslem. Raden Sulam manuscript is the manuscript that considered to be a unique, preserved in National Library of Indonesia on collection number KBG 548. This reseach was aims to present the Raden Sulam text edition that can be read ad understood by people.