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Title: Babad Cirebon
Full Title: Babad Cirebon
Author: Panghulu Abdul Qahhar
Language: Javanese
Script: Pegon
Subject Matter: Tale and Folklor
Genre: Prose & Poetry
Date of Autograph (century): 18
Found in : Darsa, n.d.

This text consists of 5 vols. Vol 1-3 is about chronicle, vol 4-5 contains the history of Muhammad SAW, Kyai Gede Karawang, and history of Pajajaran until Islamization of Cakrabuana. It also contains about Rarasantang which then follows his brother’s Hajj and married with Egyptian to give birth of Syarif Hidayatullah which are called Sunan Gunung Jati. This text also explains about religious and theology’s section (Martabat Aliya, Berkah, Syuhud/ Syahadah).