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Title: Asrār al-insān
Full Title: Asrār al-insān fī ma'rifat al-rūḥ wa-al-raḥmān
Author: Nūr al-Dīn al-Rānīrī
Place, Date of Birth: Ranir, Gujarat, India, none
Place, Date of Dead: Ranir, Gujarat, India, 1658
Place of Activity: Aceh
Language: Malay
Script: Jawi
Subject Matter: Sufism
Genre: Prose
Date of Autograph (century): 17
Found in : Tudjimah, 1961; Azra, 2013: 236

This text was written in two chapters. The first chapter describes the names of the great spirit of both aspects of the nature and substance. The second chapter describes the dignity of the soul.